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The Gardiner Museum located in Queen’s Park near south of Bloor street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And it is only museum in Canada and this museum is devoted exclusively to ceramic art. This museum is founded and opened by George R. Gardiner and his wife Helen Gardiner in the year 1984. The museum was designed by Keith wagland and the museum has extraordinary collection of Ancient American artifacts and porcelain and European pottery and it is described as “jewel box of ceramic treasures”. During 1987 and 1996 it was administrated by the Royal Ontario museum but later again the Gardiner generous endowment has acquired its independence.

The recent renovation has made museum closed between 2004-2006 for important expansion. The museum structure is composed of a lime stone with black granite columns to make the streets behind the museum more visible to the people to make more attractive among the street. The museum has developed related to new galleries, administrative and larger educational and studio space a new retail shop and special events space. The expansion of this museum has produced more growth in museum economy and in larger collection and visitors in the museum.

The museum inspires and connects people and it is the world’s oldest art forms. For every program or an organization volunteers are an integral part of the successful operation. The Gardiner museum is also survived by the volunteers and these volunteers contribute by Gardiner Volunteer committee (GVC). More than 100 members are participating in the actively in all activities such as greeting and admitting visitors, marketing in sales and service support in gift shop and volunteers lead the tours for exhibitions and collections and working together as team and preserving every activity through archives in the library. The collection of this museum has wide range of Italian renaissance English delftware and European porcelain. The museum also runs 3 exhibitions per year. The visitors in Canada often visit this museum to know about the various collections displayed in the museum.

Exhibition of the museum


Pottery at the Gardiner Museum