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The Harmandir

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The Harmandir is located in patna, Bihar, India. The temple faces the west side and its height is about108 feet, at the entrance of the temple there is a verandah ninety feet by forty six feet. In this temple, there is another verandah for the priests which are twenty five feet by thirteen feet. In Harmandir itself, thereís a marble hall which is of twenty five feet by twelve feet. A gold palanquin is placed here, on which there is an image of Guru Govind Singh, who was born in this area.

The palanquin of Harmandir is a work of exquisite craftsmanship. This feet is unplastered spot placed by a pair of feet, is preserved as a memorial of the precise spot where Guru Govind Singh was born. The peak of the all gold palanquin is about five feet. There is a well on the right aspect of the palanquin of Harmandir temple, which is called as Matajika Kuan. Itís said that the wells of the locality were of salt water, apart from the well of Mataji.

However women used to take water from here, Govind Rai broke the pots with his arrows. The women complained to the Mataji. She became angry with Govind Rai and upbraided him, saying that he should recognize that the water of all the wells contain salt water except this one. This story of the impish pranks of the kid is extremely fondly related.

At the centre of the courtyard of the Harmandir temple stands an exceptionally long pole of Sal wood which is eighty feet high, covered with iron pikes. This flag was presented to the harmandir temple by Maharaja Jung Bahadur of Nepal. Thereís an underground hall about ninety feet by forty six feet in the temple. It is for the aim of shelter to the pilgrims who come to visit harmndir, on the occasion of the birth day of Guru Govind Singh.