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Description :

The statue of Liberty is located in Liberty Island in New York Harbor. And statue of liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture. This sculpture was designed by Frederic Bartholdi and inaugurated on October 29.1886. The France people gave this statue as gift to the people of United States. This statue representing as libertas and it is a robed female figure. This statue was given by the people of France to the us people over hundered years ago.

This statue represents democracy and freedom as well as friendship and the statue has bears torch on right hand and book in her left hand and broken chain lies at her feet. The many efforts are taken to design this statue such as funds were raised in public fees and various forms of entertainment and a lottery also one of the methods to increase funds and the assembly of France in the United States and French people are responsible for this statue.

The statue completed its design in July 1884 and this statue was arrived to New York harbor in June 1885.This statue was exhibit in front of thousands of spectators. The statue was arranged on granite pedestal and this pedestal was constructed around in June 1885. The statue construction was started in France and the head of the statue exhibit in Paris world fair around 1878. The Bedloe’s Island renamed as Liberty Island by the Act of Congress on 1956.

The statue was beautifully designed be the French and American engineers as part of their experience planning. The original structure was placed in this island was in the command of New York but the island is situated between New York and New Jersey and in 1834 New Jersey and New York agreed to set the state border at the Bay’s Midpoint. The statue is visited by tourists and the transportation and ticketing facilities are available to visit this statue of liberty.