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The Staten Island Ferry is a service passenger ferry operated and managed by the New York City Department of Transportation that runs between the boroughs of Staten and Manhattan. Near the Battery Park the service departs Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry white hall terminal at the southernmost tip of Manhattan.

During 18th century the service is run between Staten Island and the city of New York was conducted by official individuals. The sailboats are used for local traffic in New York harbor. Today the service carries over 19million passengers on 5.2 mile run and 5 boats transport during 104 boat trips transport about 75,000 passengers. The island developed fastly and has more attraction to the service.

The disaster effect the Staten Island ferry around 1:30 in 1871. The 85 per cent people were identified as dead and hundreds of people are injured and many more bodies are found after a week. The Ferry service is famed as the largest bargain in New York City in the end of 20th century. In the year 1948 the charges for this service is 10 cents.

The Mayor of city John V. Lindsay proposed that service charge to be raised to 25cents in the year 1970. 1975s the charge has become 25 cents. And in 1990s the charge increased to 50 cents. The traveling in the boat feels a great experience to the tourists and the tourists visit from the New York and various places in US.