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Niagara water falls

Niagara water falls

Description :

Niagara water falls view from Niagara County, New York, United states. The Niagara water falls was first visited by European man. On March 17, 1892 the Niagara Falls was incorporated. The city has heavy industrial area in the end of 19th century and the power is offered by the Niagara River. The Industry provides jobs and develops the economy of the city and the industries are backbone of the city.

The city economy is originally based on the Niagara Falls it self or the power which generated by the Niagara River massive waterfall. The power which is generated from the water fall is supplied to the industries. And this causes the rapid growth in industries economy. The various countries around the world came to the area and agreed to organize and work the steel, chemical and manufacturing plants.

The population of this area depends on tourism and jobs and at the time of recession many companies here has to shutdown and the Unemployment increased in the south and west was 10% as of October 2010. Around 50% of people in the residents of Niagara Falls receive the public assistance in the recession time such as welfare, unemployment insurance, food stamps and Medicaid. The construction of Rainbow Centre Factory Outlet and shopping malls in the city and the city land leased to cordish companies from 1982 to 2000.

The Economy of this city mainly depends on tourism. One can dream to visit this place in their life time. The falls has rich history and outdoor life and culture, shopping and agriculture adventure. The events, festivals and outdoor concerts are grandly celebrated near the falls. The wild life located near the falls spreads around 400 acres of land and this is one of the major attractions near the falls. The Niagara water falls are mostly often visited by families and it attracts over 8 million tourists every year.