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The Empire State building is situated in New York, US. The height of this building is 1,454 feet and the building is world’s tallest building for 40 years. The construction of Empire state building was started in 1929 and completed in 1931. The construction cost of this building is $40,948,900. The building was tallest in New York City until the World trade center finished in 1972. Later the Empire State building was reclaimed its position after the destruction of the world trade center in 2001.

This building was designed in the Art Deco style. The building is named by the American Society of Civil Engineers which was the seven wonders of the modern world. In US now third tallest building is Empire State Building. In the year 1986 the building has got National Historic Landmark. W&H properties have owned and managed this building. Presently it is the 15th tallest in the world.

The architects Shreve, Lamb and Harmon have designed this building and these two architects have experts and submit the building drawings in just 2 weeks. The title for this building has got in dramatic fashion that is 2 other buildings are intense competition in New York of world largest building the two projects are Chrysler building and 40 wall street but the construction completed and the empire state building opened on may 1 1931 in a dramatic fashion. More then 3,400 workers are involved in the empire state building construction.

The flood lights are introduced in 1964 to keep building more attractive. Since the attacks of September 11 2001 all stations in New York City has transferred to the top of this building. There are many and various TV and FM stations in New York and they telecast all the news, entertainment and all aspects by the help Antennas located on the top of Empire State Building. The making of movies is also done here. The tourists from different countries visit this oldest tallest building in the world.