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Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo

Description :

Central Park Zoo is situated at central park, New York, USA. It was started in 1860, has wide range of collections such as thick billed parator red pandas, ramarin monkeys and other wild animals and pet animals. The zoo is mainly known as “1934 ZOO” and some people believe that the zoo was modified in 1934 so that the zoo has commonly known as “1934 ZOO” and another name for this zoo is “Robert Moses Zoo”.

The sea lion pool was designed by the architect Charles Schmieder and architect take the major steps to design this pool because he studied the habits of sea lions and designed this pool in the sea lions knowledge style. The zoo was closed and renovation was started in 1983 and this renovation was to improve the facilities of the zoo and old cages were destroyed for more natural exhibits. On august 8, 1988 the zoo was reopened its doors.

The administration of the zoo has decided to reopen in 1985 but sum unfortunate conditions and the project has troubled due to unfortunate conditions and opening delayed for 3 years. The zoo takes special care about the wild life health and provides X-ray machines and hitech hospital include operation room and the zoo administration also provides healthy food to the animals.

The zoo exhibits events which are major attractions in the zoo and the events on penguin feedings and sea lion feedings are major attractions in the zoo. The main mission of zoo is to provide the beautiful experience to the visitors and to protect wild life for future generations. The several tourists visit this Central Park Zoo in New York and also from various places in us not only us but also from various places around the world.