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Race 2


Race 2Story:

The story continues where it was left back in Race. Ranveer Singh(Saif Ali Khan) is a happy man who lives with his wife (Sonia) Bipasha Basu. find out that a powerful and rich Armaan Mallik(John Abraham) is behind the murder. Ranveer cleverly plans a revenge against Amraan, with the help of his close friend RD (Anil Kapoor) and his assistant Cherry (Amisha Patel). And He flies down to Turkey and successfully manages to win Armaan Mallikís trust by wooing his sister Alina(Deepika Padukone). Both Armaan and Ranveer together plan for a huge illegal deal, and when they are making plans to execute this deal, Armaan comes to know that Ranveer has actually come to take his revenge. Rest of the story is how Ranveer and Armaan out do each other, and finally who wins the ultimate Race to the finish.

Performance Analysis:

Saif Ali Khan takes the cake once again in the film, and gives stunning performance. The introduction scenes of all the stars have been shot extremely well, especially Saifís entry. Race 2 has all the thrills, twists and turns that all Abbas Mustan films have.John Abraham suits his role well, and makes a decent effort. He impresses highly with his chiseled body and is a perfect opponent for Saif. Deepika Padukone and Amisha Patel have nothing much to do but provide the necessary glamor quotient. Johnís fight sequence with a foreigner is well shot and showcases Johnís body ultimately.

Story Analysis:

Race 2 is high in style and attitude. The whole look of the film is awesome. Stylish costumes, stunning locales and high production values are surely worth a mention.
.The twists and turns and all the suspense elements have been maintained decently. First half of the movie is crisp and moves on very swiftly. Anil Kapoor once again does an wonderful job, and brings the comic element to the whole film. Though Race 2 has everything from thrills, twists and stunning actors, it always reminds you of Race. One could easily get a feel what going to happen next in the movie. The second half become obvious, and loses its plot in some places. John character could have been designed more edgily. In many scenes his character lacks the punch and is not given the necessary emphasis which a villain needs to have in these kind of thrillers.
Climax has been dragged out and the film loses its way in the second half. Some scenes like the robbery episode could have been completely chopped off. Race 2 will mainly suffer because of the fact that it only reminds you of Race again and again.

Technical Aspects:

Abbas Mustanís movies have always been high on technical values, and Race 2 is no exception. It has beautiful locales, stunning camera work and well designed stunts. Songs inthe movie are decent, and especially the ĎParty on my mindí song. The stunts in the movie are surely above Bollywood standards and specially the chase scene involving Saif Ali Khan.

Camera work is top notch, and showcases Turkey beautifully. The actors have been showcased well and the look designed for them is also worth mention. Dialogues are apt, and so is the editing. Abbas Mastanís screenplay is disappointing in Race 2. He does not hold the audience right till the end. The thrill and interest which is built up in the first half subsides drastically in the second.


On a whole, Race 2 is one film which has all the trappings of a decent thriller. Stunning actors, great locations and some suspense elements are sure shot plus points. On the flip side, striking similarity to Race, and a dodgy second half completely spoil the fun. Finally, if you have not watched Race and do not mind watching huge multi-starrers with songs, dance and unexpected twists Race 2 can surely be given a shot.

Rating: 3/5

Saif, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham