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Raaz 3


Raaz 3 Raaz 3 Movie Review:


The movie story mainly revolves around Shanaya (Bipasha Basu), a leading actress in Bollywood. Apart from her successful career, she maintains a passionate affair with her close-friend and director Aditya (Emraan Hashmi). Meanwhile, she finds a new competitor in Debutante Sanjana (Esha Gupta), who challenges her status in the industry and love life. What shocking step does Bipasha had taken to beat Esha in all aspects is should be watched on big-screens.

Plus points:

Though the film Raaz 3 has not much interesting plot, but it will surely reach its target successfully as the movie will surely scare the viewers. The lead cast is 100% apt in their roles; they have delivered some brilliant performances. Especially, Bipasha Basu steals the show as jealous actress, she emoted her emotions very perfect, particularly in climax part. Apart from being a devil, Bips excelled in lovemaking scenes with her titillating skin show. New comer Esha Gupta is impressive throughout the film. Donís miss her performance in a scene where she will gets attacked with Cockroaches. Emraan Hashmi does a decent job, but unfortunately he gets overshadowed by Bipasha.

First half will glue you to your seats with brilliantly filmed horror and emotional scenes, but some hiccups were noticed in 2nd hour. However, certain horrifying scenes like devil screaming and cries might give you Goosebumps. Director has very cleverly adapted the 3D effects in the movie to grab the much more attention from audience. Interval bang and climax will fright the film buffs to the core.

Minus points:

1. Second half falls a bit flat till climax
2. Emraan Hashmi has less scope to perform and it might disappoint his fans
3. No Impressive Tunes, songs are miss-placed.

Technical Analysis:

1. Cinematography is par excellent.
2. Editing is good, but needed much crispy work in this department for second half.
3. Music is mediocre, no tune is Cathy
4. Dialogues are sharp
5. Special effects stands top notch


Bipasha has carried the entire movie on her own shoulders with her rocking performance. On the whole, Raaz 3 is a perfect erotic-scary film for those who love fear factor elements very much.

Points: 3.25/5


Bipasha, Emraan Hashmi and Eesha Guptha