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Priyudu Movie Review


Priyudu Movie ReviewPriyudu Movie Review:

Priyudu Movie Story:

Karthik is a carefree guy (Varun Sandesh), who is hater of love; he believes it will restrict his independence. After he come across a bubbly girl called Madhulatha (Prethika Rao), who believes in love. After few incidents, Madhu falls in love with karthik and she proposes him. Karthik agrees Madhu’s proposal in some peculiar situation. Later he tries to break the relation with the help of Vara Prasad (Ranadheer). The series of incidents that happens later will forms the rest of the Priyudu movie story.

Priyudu Movie Analysis:

Director has chosen a variety story with a different story line, but failed in execution. Screenplay and narration are very weak for this movie. Variety stories always requires peculiar and energetic screenplay with sensible narration. A Director must make the audience to involve in the story of the movie. Priyudu director seems to be failed in all these aspects. The Priyudu movie story resembles the Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali khan starrer Kal Ho Na Ho, in which Shahrukh trains Saif, in order to make the female lead to fall in love with the Saif. The same thing and concept happens in this movie. Tight screenplay and beautiful presentation will do wonders for these types of variety stories.

The first half boasts some parts of romance, comedy, romance, plus songs etc, while the second half has loads of sentimental and serious elements. And the climax portion seems dragged and clinched, which will test the patience of the audience. The movie has nothing to exhibit on screen.

Priyudu Movie Performances:

Varun Sandesh performance is just Okay, no variety in his acting and repeats the same feats. Preethika Rao’s performance is good, but her looks are average. Ranadheer acting is normal. Swetha Basu Prasad appears in guest role, she looks good with new slim body. Comedy tracks of Vennela Kishore, Tagubothu Ramesh and Ali are above average. Tagubothu Ramesh comedy is monotony with repeated feats. Nazar and kota are fine. The remaining artists were there just to fill the screen.

Priyudu Movie Technicalities:

Debutante Director Sraavan must proceed in a better way, when story is a variety one; it demands good presentation and screenplay to reach audience. Cinematography is good. Dialogues are not impressive and they are weak. Editing is ok; it should be better in second half. Background score is good while the music in songs is pretty mediocre.

Priyudu Movie Verdict:

Priyudu movie is not up to the mark, it surely fails in entertaining the audience.

Priyudu Movie Points: 2/5

Varun Sandesh, Preetika rao and Ranadheer