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Oh My God


Oh My God Oh My God Movie Review:


The movie story revolves around Kanjibhai (Paresh Rawal), who runs an antique shop. He will have disbelief in god and also goes against to creator. On one day, his shop gets collapsed due to heavy rain and he will face huge loss with it. Shockingly, Kanji files a case on God in court, as he believes that the later is responsible for his loss. What happens next should be seen in theaters.


Being one of the finest actors of Indian cinema, Paresh Rawal has done a very good job as Kanji in the movie. He adapted to the role brilliantly. Paresh excelled in his comedy timing and his mark dialogue delivery. Star Hero Akshay Kumar, plays the role of God Krishna, is impressive. His scenes opposite to Paresh are too good. Former actor Mithun Chakraborty has done justice to his role as fake godmen; his broken hand act needs special appreciation.


Director Umesh Shukla has made the film a unique, sensitive and divine concept that showcased the blind beliefs of people towards the fake baabas. Good screenplay and gripping narration have helped the film. Dialogues are penned brilliantly. Cinematography is par excellent. The story has no stretches or any weak elements from beginning to the end.


1. Prabhu Deva-Sonakshi Sinha's item song 'Go Go Govinda' forcibly injected.
2. Miss of commercial elements


Oh My God film is away from recent slapstick comedies, it has genuine concept that will have a light intake on blind beliefs of society towards fake baabas. This film is not for mass-masala seekers

Rating: 3/5