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AiyyaAiyya Movie Review:


A Marathi girl Meenakshi (Rani Mukherjee) who is a complete filmy buff always lives in her own world of dreams. Irritated by her different behaviours, her parents decide to get her married to a young guy named Madhav. But, Meenakshi who always dreamt about tall and handsome men pays no interest to it. Later, she comes across a macho man Surya (Prithviraj), who is a painter by profession, in a library where she works. Finally, She falls in love with him, as he looks alike her dream boy. Rest of the story deals with how Meenakshi managed the situations to tie a knot with Surya.


Rani Mukherjee has given top class performance as a Marathi girl Meenakshi. She excelled as movie buff, her cheesiest dialogues and funny antics are a treat to watch. Her belly dance in Dreamum Wakeupum and Aag Bai songs is stunning and is also major attraction of this movie. Malayalam hunk Prithviraj is good in his part, but he had nothing to do more, as the entire film runs over Meenakshi (Rani) and she carried it perfectly with matured acting. Remaining actors are okay.


Aiyya has good script, but execution is not that much perfect. However, the movie has good entertainment, emotions and awesome performance/belly dances of the female lead Rani Mukherjee to treat viewers. On the flip side, Aiyya had some silly and illogical scenes too. Story narration and editing should have been better, as the film runs on a very slow note. And the film’s length is also a main hurdle to the narration; it should be trimmed for at least 20 min to leave the viewers on a powerful note. However, Director Kundalkar had balanced the things well with good humour quotient.


Songs in the movie are well choreographed and picturised, Rani excelled to the core with her hot moves. The film’s Music that has typical Marathi and south touch is flamboyant. Lyrics are very catchy and entertaining in Dreamum Wakeupum song. Art direction is perfect and so is the cinematography. Screenplay is jerky. Dialogues were well written, especially uttered by Rani.


On the whole, Aiyya will entertain one and all, if you watch the film by keeping the logic aside. This movie is a treat to Rani Mukherjee fans.

Points: 3/5


Rani and Prithviraj