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Address : 50 Kesmark St., Dollard des Ormeaux, Qc., H9B 3K4

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(514) 684-8030

Description :

The Hindu mandir is located in Montreal and the mandir was established in 1990. The temple was built to surve the Indo-Canadian community of Montreal. The primary aim of this society is to construct the temple is religious, charity, non-profit and cultural and community centre to meet the ritual, spiritual, ceremonial and social needs of Hindu devotees. People come to the temple who believes in Hinduism crowded together and pray according to their beliefs and traditions. It is a place of worship and spiritual guidance.

During 1997-98 the temple was constructed. The temple has main prayer hall which can accommodate 800 people. Community kitchen, and administration offices and parking slot for more than 100 vehicles. The temple design was constructed according to the architectural plans under the guidance of Mr. Ramesh Khosla is a well known and expert architect for community from arcop group. And also the volunteers and engineering team has worked to build this temple.

In Montreal are the population of Indo-Canadian community is increased over the past twenty years. The temple has become major attraction for the local community with its beautiful architect. The phase II construction is started in 2003 and the phase II is for day care facility residences for priests and Vedic yajanshalla. The temple was designed in such a way that the future generations should be proud about their religion and heritage. This temple also provides facilities such as Vedic philosophy, Arya samaj, and yogic traditions

The yoga classes are also conducted by the temple management to increase the physical fitness and yoga to keep mind system cool and the meditation which provide the body to keep strong our physical and mental ability. The deities are arranged in the temple are Sri Ganesha, Shri radha, Devi durga, Shri ram darbar murti, maha shiva-linga sri venkateswara. The devotees come from various places in Canada to worship the god.