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Mount Royal Montreal

Mount Royal Montreal

Description :

Mount Royal is located in the west of downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada and it is a mountain. This mountain is located in between the Appalachians and Laurentians it is a part of Monteregian Hills. The mountain is guided in 1535 by people of village and this mountain was scaled by first European was Jacques Cartier. The name Mount Royal is derived from Montreal. In the 18th century the island has name first spelled has Montreal.

In 1643 the first mount royal cross was placed by Paul chomedey de Maisonneuve. The floods were affected at the time the Paul chomedey made to the Virgin Mary stop the floods. The fiber-optic light is installed in 1992 and LEDs in 2009. The mountain is covered by 103 feet high illuminated cross. The cross always is in light but it can be changed now including purple which traditionally used upon the death of the pope.

The Beautiful Park which covers the mountain that lies in the midst of Montreal Island, the park is named as Mount Royal Park. In 1860 the trees in the park was cut of and led to the formation of park in 1876. The park was designed and landscaped by Fredrick Law Olmsted and the park is opened in 1876. The beautiful river flows near the trees in park which looks beautiful from the park. In 1964 the sculpture show was held near the long gentle slope above beaver lake. Mount Royal contains 3 peaks: Mount Murray, Mount Royal Proper, and West mount.

In the wintertime the mountain is covered by ice and it is beautiful to view it. In the winter season the skiing trails, snowshoeing and ice skating is available which provide great experience to the tourists. There is also another park named Jeanne Mance Park which is popular recreational area and it features foot ball tennis courts, two baseball diamonds and beach volleyball courts. Near the mountain the transmission tower is located which is at 328 feet height the tower provides Fm radio stations and private television stations to the people who live near the mountains. The mountain is visited by tourists and excited about the height of the Mount Royal beautiful parks and beautiful rivers which are located near by.

Mount Royal Park

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Parc du Mont Royal