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Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Address : Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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The Temple of Maa (Mother) Kaali is well known all around the world. It was the deep devotion and fire of love of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsha towards the Mother Divine that happened here. These are the sacred grounds where Sri Ramakrihsna observed spiritual practices and His deep and intense love for Mother Kali, made it possible for him to feel Her divinity and He talked with her.
The temple is located on the Eastern banks of the Ganges about 4 miles North of Kolkata. The video clip shows the steps leading to the sacred river that Sri Ramakrishna used to trod on. The chandni (roofed terrace), on either side, ranged in a row are Temples of Shiva.
To the east are the courtyard and the temple of Radhakanta Temple. It was this temple that Sri Ramakrishna Parahamasha served as the priest in the beginning, in the year 1857 A.D.
Then the video clip shows the main Kali Temple, where the Sri Ramakrishna experienced , ecstatic divine love. The image or idol of Kali Mother, dressed in gorgeous gold, standing on the white golden image of the prostrate body of Shiva, her divine consort.
She has three eyes. On the feet of the Goddess are ornaments of Gold. Her arms are decked with jeweled ornaments of gold. She wears necklaces of gold and pearl. A golden garland of human hands and a golden gird of human arms. She has on Her head a golden crown. Her ears adorned with golden earrings and her nose wears a golden nose ring, with a pearl.
In her left hand, she holds a human head. With Her right hand she offers blessings and reassurance.
The video clip also shows Nat Mandir (Temple) or music hall. Here resides idols of Shiva and His two companions. Before entering the Temple Thakur (Sri Ramakrishna), used to offer his pranams (Obeisance) here. The vido clip also shows image of Govindu or Lord Krishna in Radhakanta Temple. Thakur (Sri Ramakrishna) had mended this image with his own hands when it was damaged.
The Kali Temple and the names of other places shown in this video clip are mentioned frequently in Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. If you are interested in Kali Temple of Dakshineswar or Divine life and teachings of Sri Raakrishna, Gospel of Sri Ramakrihsna is a must read, not only for information and divine teaching, but a divine experience in itself.
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