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The Chhatris

The Chhatris

Description :

The Maratha Rulers were proficient in the field of architecture. An excruciating example of their architectural style comprise of the Chhattris of Indore. These chhattris are the cenotaphs built in the representation of the Holkar rulers. The remembrances are built in stone and have stood the test of time. They stand elegantly on the banks of the Khan River. The cenotaphs are tombs built on the pyre spot of the Holka rulers near Rajwada. The Chhattris have covering type structure with pyramidal spires on top.

According to historical records, the Holkars ruled over a huge area of the state of Madhya Pradesh. They were great rulers and expierienced support of their people. During the year 1858, British influenced the country and India came under the rule of the Queen. The Holkars were overcome by the British in the war and had to submit their kingdom in their hands. As well as their capital was also lost, they shifted to Indore. The city elaborates its name from the famous temples named Indreshwar and Indrapur.

As a result, they elevated these Chhatris, a constant reminder of their rule and their glory. Facing west, there is the cenotaph built upon the ashes of a woman ruler of Malwa, Maharani Krishnabai. There are two another Chhatris devoted to Tukoji Rao II and Shivaji Rao, father and son respectively. These cenotaphs are connected by a common prayer hall, which has gracefully carved arches and pillars. It also consists life size statues of these rulers on a high platform along the garbha grihas.