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The renowned art museum of Hyderabad the Salar Jung Museum was established in 1951. Situated on the southern bank of the river Musi, Salar Jung is one of the largest National Museums of India that has a grand collection of miniature paintings, sculptures, wooden and ivory carvings, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic items, carpets, musical clocks, and furniture from abroad countries.

The third largest museum in India the Salar Jung houses the precious collections and rare antiques in the world. The former Prime Minister of the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III (Mir Yousuf Ali Khan), has spent a lot of his wealth over museum to make priceless collections, has dedicated his whole life too in collecting the rare antiques and arts. The collections that are belonging to his palace 'Diwan Deodi' were also exhibited.

The then Prime Minister of India Shri Jawaharlal Nehru had inaugurated the Salar Jung on December 16; 1951 and it was declared as national museum under the Salar Jung museum act of 1961. The entire collection was shifted to its new building (present one) at Afzalgunz, later 1968.

There are about 38 galleries that are spread over two floors of the museum. The ground floor has 20 galleries, while the first floor houses 18 galleries. The Salar Jung Museum boasts all famous and different Quran Collections around the around. One can have looked at Arab Kuran and some other written in gold and silver fonts.

The salar Hung museum houses art of Chinese porcelain, Sculpture, carpets, arms, Indian European and Persian paintings, a Sword belonging to Aurangzeb, Daggers of Queen Noor Jehan, Emperor Jahangir and Shah Jahan, Plus famous Veiled Rebecca that is the translucent white marble statue, which is the most beautiful and amazing work of Bezoni.

The major attraction of this museum is a huge mechanical musical clock that was sold by Cook and Kelvy of Britain. A small toy looks like a soldier opens the door for hour after hour to beat the musical gong to indicate the time. Other visual delights in the museum are Mestophiles and the Lady with the lamp Salar Jung Museum is dotted within many sections and wings like Education section, Chemical Laboratory, Photo and display sections, sales counters and a security Wing to protect the precious art collection.