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Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park

Description :

Nehru Zoological Park is located in Hyderabad; The Nehru Zoological Park is considered the largest park in India. Situated about 8 km to the south of Charminar, over two hundred and fifty species of animals and large variety of birds are housed in a lush green park sprawling over 300 acres. The Lion Safari Park, Natural History Museum and the children’s Train are the added attractions.

Nehru Zoological Park is Located near Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad. This park is maintained by Forest department, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The timings of the zoo vary by season and it is closed on Mondays. Nehru Zoological Park is also known as Hyderabad Zoo, which is named after Indian first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Hyderabad Zoo was opened on 1963 which is believed the largest park of India.

The Zoo is spread over 380 acres is very next to Mir Alam Tank which is about 600 acre. The Zoo maintains various animals like Indian rhino, tiger, panther, Asiatic Lion, deer, python, crocodile, kangaroos, and different species of birds. Many birds migrate every year to the 600 acre Mir Alam Tank, which is another attraction to the Zoo. The government of A.P Tourism has introduced ferry boat and speed boat which attracts many visitors to the Zoo.

Nehru Zoological Park also attracts people to elephant rides, a natural history museum including children’s train. There are many different nocturnal species in the Zoo some of them are fishing owls, fruit bats, leopard cats, loris, sleder loris, mottled wood owls and horned owls. The Zoo also handles several safari trips every day includes Lion Safari, Tiger Safari, Bear Safari and Butterfly Safari.

Timings for Nehru Zoological Park:
April to June: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
July to March: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Hyderabad Zoo Tariff:
Zoo Entry
Adult Child

Entrance Rs. 20 Rs. 10
Train Ride Rs. 15 Rs. 5
Regular Elephant Ride Rs. 15 Rs. 5
Maharaja Elephant Ride Rs. 50 Rs. 50
Safari Ride Rs. 25 Rs. 10
Nocturnal Animal House Rs. 10 Rs. 5

Vehicles Entry to the Zoo:
Cars/Off-Road Vehicles (Max. 5 persons) Rs. 500
Lorries/Trucks for Film Shooting Rs. 1500
Zoo's Battery Powered Vehicle The vehicle provides a tour of the main attractions and lasts for 45 minutes.

Photography rates at the Zoo:
Amateur Photography Camera Rs. 20
Professional Photography Camera Rs. 500
Amateur Video Camera Rs. 100
Professional Video Camera Rs. 500
Film Shooting with 'U'matic Video/Cine Camera Rs. 8500 per location, Rs. 1500 Generator Fee

Guest House services at Hyderabad Zoo:
Available from 9:00 AM to 5:30PM Rs. 200 for 10 persons, Rs. 2000 for above 10 persons. Note: Guest house can be booked in advance at the Director’s Office.

Precautions to take at Nehru Zoological Park:
• Keep the Zoo clean and neat
• Feel free to stop if anyone is teasing, abusing or feeding the animals at the Zoo, teasing, abusing or feeding the animals is considered as offence as Wildlife Act 1972.
• Do not shout or create loud noise as it is disturbance to animals and also other visitors at the Zoo.
• Keep an eye on your children’s as a safety precaution.

Tigers in the Zoo


images from Nehru Zoological Park

Imagaes from Hyderabad Zoo