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Shiva Mandir

Address : bur Dubai


Description :

Shiva Mandir is one of the popular Hindu temples in Dubai. One can visit this temple any time, situated at bur-Dubai and is very near to the Dubai museum. This is the temple of lord Shiva. Here one can find the large statue of lord Shiva with Shiva ling in front of the statue. Normally milk, fruits, flowers, coconut and sweets are given to god by the devotees here. There are many shops selling all these puja items close to the temple. This temple is constantly crowded up with devotees. There are also pictures of other Hindu gods like durga, laxmi, Krishna, ganesha, saibaba etc.

There is also Sikh-temple at upstairs where Sikhs can worship their lord guru Nanak. Here all types of Hindu occasions are celebrated gloriously. Especially on the shivaratri season most popular festival of lord Shiva, there will be a very big queue at this mandir. Roti and curry are provided to devotees as godís offerings. There are comfort benches at the mandir premises, where you can relax and feel comfort and have the offerings. The temple caters to the biggest Hindu community in the United Arab Emirates and is the only Hindu temple in that Dubai. The temple multiplex comprises a Shiva and Krishna mandir.

The temple also executes marriage ceremonies between Hindus and the Hindu marriages cannot be executed in the United Arab Emirates. The Hindu population in Dubai is approximately of 300.000 as of November 1998.

The devotees come to this temple from various places in Dubai and worship the lord Shiva and take his blessings, devotees also believe that the god will solve the problems of their life and the devotees ask their children to worship the god lord Shiva.

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