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The Bharatiya temple

Address : 6850 Adams Road, Troy, MI 48098

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(248) 879-2552


Description :

The bharatiya temple is located in Detroit and In 1970s the Hindu devotees who settled in Metro Detroit area have gathered and proposed to construct the temple. ON Jan 25, 1975 at the Northwood Inn, have discussed to construct the temple. This meeting led to construct the Hindu temple.

As the result the committee was formed and the organization started to collect the fund from Hindu devotees who live in metro Detroit area. On March 21 1975 has held the first fund raising event. Around 200 families gave fund to the organization. The new committee was formed for the Bharatiya temple and taken responsibility of selecting the site for the temple and the committee has found the 18 acres of land at the northwest corner of troy for temple construction and the cost of land was around $70,000.

On the Independence Day July 4th 1976 the bhoomi pooja was performed for constructing the temple. The committee had decided to develop the temple with a budget of $500,000 to construct a temple which can accommodate around 350 to 400 devotees. After the bhoomi pooja the committee had got huge funds from the Hindu devotees. The construction of temple is started immediately on October 2nd 1980 on the birthday of Mohandas karm chand Gandhi. The Michigan national bank sanctioned the loan for The Bharatiya temple building.

The installations of deities sri lakshmi Narayana, sri ganesh, and sri hanuman was arranged on 20th 1983 under the guidance of swami alamlokananda of Vivekananda monastery and Sri janaki rama sastry of raja rameshwari peetham at ganges Michigan. The building presently includes main pooja hall which would comfortable fit 400 devotees. The membership includes such as life time members bhajans and prayers are done in the temples. The Bharatiya temple also includes multi purpose kitchen and dining facility and an apartment for guests. The temple is visited by students who studying in various universities and attending various religious classes regularly.

Shri Ganesh

Shri Hanuman

Shri Lakshmi Narayana

Shri Durga Mata