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Detroit Children's Museum

Detroit Children's Museum

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1 (313) 873-8100

Description :

The Detroit Children's Museum has thousands of artifacts on display. This Museum has newly displayed items include the skull of an extinct mammal Andrewsarchus, masks and Civil War artifacts.

The Detroit Children's Museum began back in 1917 as a venture between the Board of Education and the Museum of Art. Galleries in the museum feature a mounted Bengal tiger, bird room, art gallery, American Indian artifacts, and natural history displays. It is part of the Detroit Science Center.

Hobbies & Activities category: Western hemisphere native art, artifacts; Paintings, art collections; Natural history museum
The 93-year-old museum houses dinosaur bones, dioramas, costumes and dolls from around the world. It also has an extensive collection of rocks, fossils and crystals, some of which are being presented in new displays.
In the main exhibit hall, more than 500 items are on display about twice as many as a year ago, In one display, a large doll house that sits behind glass is paired with another where children can play with dolls.

Detroit Children's Museum Entry Fee :
Cost :

Adult : $ 4.00

Child 12 & under : $2.00

Child 1 & under : FREE