Address : Delhi, India


Description :

The Nili Chhatri temple is located in Delhi, and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The eldest pandava brother, Prince Yudhisthira has established the temple and devotees also believe that Nigambodh Ghat was built near to it and Aswamedha yajna was conducted from here. Even today the temple exists on the banks of Yamuna River which is located in the Yamuna Bazaar area.

The tomb of Naubat Khan is called Nili Chhatri. At the time of Akbar Naubat Khan was a mansabdar. In the year 1565 he built this in his lifetime.

The tomb of Naubat Khan is called Nili chhatri due to the color of its dome which was originally decorated with blue destructive tiles. The tomb stands almost central between Purana Qila and the tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya. It is constructed in several acres of land. The gateway is in good shape when compared to the walls of the tomb, the letters of inscription are written on at the entrance of the tomb which is of black marble adomed on sandstone. The building is built in such a beautiful and impressive way and the world did not see this at date of its completion.

The building is with 3 doors behind the gate way and the backside of the building there is a tall octagonal terrace which is about 6 feet and 24 meters in diameter from the ground. There are two carves of masonry and stone to the north-eastern part and north-western corners at the top of the building. The entire tomb is constructed 4 different colors which are blue, orange, yellow and green. You can see the writings from Quran on the tomb and there are steps on the walls of the tomb. The first set of steps takes you to the doorways and the second set of steps which are 12 in number takes you to the terrace. One of the pillars which is raised by blue dome is also called as Nili Chhatri.