Address : Connaught place, Delhi, India


Description :

Hanuman temple in Delhi is located in Connaught place on the banks of the Yamuna River and has been expressed to be the Indraprastha city constructed by Pandavas of the Mahabharata epic period. The height of the temple is about 108ft.

Pandavas commanded from Indraprastha and kauravas from hastinapur (two parallel families) as per a brokered part of the Kuru empire.But in a dice game Pandavas loast their whole kingdom and were expel for a 12 year term and in the 13th year must persist in hiding (with a rider that if they were noticed during this period they would undergo the exile denovo). The unreal legend states that during the pandava’s exile (obligatory by their cousin duryodhana of the kaurava dynasty). In order to alter Bhima’s (second of the 5 pandava brothers). Hanuman well-advised to be the brother of Bhima (Both vayu’s children,faced in the forest hided as a weak and aged monkey.Bhima,while in a search of a perfumed flower wanted by draupadi in the forest. Found hanuman lying with his tail holding his way and UN aware of Hanuman’s identity, bhima then understand that the monkey was none other his own brother, rationalize for his humble behavior and requests hanuman to show him his correct form. Hanuman was then said to have clarify himself and showed bhime the size in which he had passed the sea to go to lanka, looking for sita during the Ramayana epic period.

The pandavas won the war kurukshetra against kauravas and re-established themselves in Indraprastha, The pandavas plan to built the five temples of hanuman and other deities.
In this temple the lord “Sri Hanuman Ji Maharaj” is known to be Bala Hanuman. The temple which has idol of hanuman has an different feature fixed spire in the form of rounded moon which is an Islamic symbol rather of the Hindu symbol of aum or sun that is mainly seen in most Hindu temples. This became peculiarly important during the mughal period match this extraordinary depiction.

The temple is attractive silver plated doors, which are carved with scenes of the epic Ramayana story. The paintings of hanuman in the Tulsidas sundar kand is recorded on the marble tablets affixed on walls. The devotees come to this temple to view and visit the bala hanuman temple and darshan the lord hanuman.