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Purana Qila

Purana Qila

Description :

Purana Qila is the internal citadel of the city of Dina-Panah, founded by the second mughal ruler Humayun in the year 1533. This place and its environs moved as the sixth city of Delhi. Humayun was defeated by sher shah suri in the year 1540 and the fort renamed as shergarh, and also increased several more structures and designs in the complex during his rule that lasted for the next 5 years until his death in the year 1545.Later Islam Shah took over the command of north India from this fort, but later moved his capital to Gwalior, as it was expected to be a safer capital in that period. After Islam Shah’s death in the year 1553, Adil shah took the claim of North India. And this fort remained ignored. Adil shah moved his capital to further east to chunar in present day Uttar Pradesh.

The walls of the fort lift to a height of 18m and run on for about 1.5km and have three curved gateways, The Bara Darwaza means big gate facing west, which is still used today by the tourists. The south gate is probably called ‘Humayun Gate’ so because it was built or that Humayun’s Tomb is viewable from there, and lastly, the forbidden gate or ‘Talaqi Gate’. All the gates in this place are double-storeyed sandstone structures lied by two large semi-circular bastion towers, and decorated with colored and white-marble inlays and blue tiles, and consume with detailing, like rhetorical overhanging balconies, pillared pavilions chhatris on top, jharokhas, mindful of Rajasthan architecture as seen in the south and north gates, and which were fully seen in future Mughal architecture. Despite the brilliance of the external, few of internal structures have survived except the Qila-i Kuhna Mosque and the shermandal both assigned to sher shah.

The sher mandal is a mosque which is situated in the Purana Qila. And the sher mandal stands for south of the mosque. This double-storeyed octagonal tower of red sandstone with high stairs directing up to the roof. The structure was attached to be larger than its existing height but the work was interrupted due to the early death of sher shah. It was constructed by Sher Shah and was used as an official observatory and library by Humayun after he recaptured the fort. And is also one of the first observatories of Delhi. It is 1st being in Pir Gharib at HinduRao @ Ridge built in fourteenth century by Firoz shah Tughlaq. The tower is lidded by an octagonal chhatri suspended by eight pillars and setup with white marble. Inside there are decorative plaster-word and copies of stone-shelving where, presumably, the ruler’s books were placed. This was also sad spot where, on 24 January 1556 Humayun fell from the 2nd floor to his death. He slipped his legs while hasting to the evening prayers.

Other places near the Old Fort or Purana Qila: near the old for there is pond, which has boating facility. This lake is surrounded by a garden with rows of flowers plants and trees. The capital city Delhi Zoo Park is adjacent to the Purana Qila.Tourists often visits the places of purana qila and also places near the old fort.