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Connaught place Delhi

Connaught place Delhi

Description :

Connaught place was renamed to Rajiv Chowk after the late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. It is one of the largest financial, commercial and business centers in Delhi. This place is often shortly known as CP and the place is housed by several Indian firms. Its surroundings occupy a place of experience among the heritage designs of the city. It was developed as showpiece of Lutyens Delhi having a Central Business District, Specified after the Duke of Connaught.

The construction work was started in the year 1929 and completed in the year 1933. The Connaught place of today is one of the most spirited business districts of Delhi. But with the development there were many problems, like argue over property rights, haphazard development, traffic congestion, encroachments, unauthorized construction, and others problems as well.

The planning of circular design to the market place has benefited for both the shoppers and shopkeepers. The effective Connaught place has been renamed as Rajiv chowk. The business shops in this place are mostly large showrooms. The colorful crowd adds up to spirited glory of this historic place. National and international banks are located in this place, along with the emporiums of different states and offices of tours operators are also located here. The market remains closed on Sundays.

In the post-independence in 1980s, a phatphat sewa, a Harley Davidson rickshaw service took visitors and tourists from CP to Red Fort and chandani chowk, earlier it was interrupted due to pollution concerns. The empty block of internal circle was filled up in late 1970s with the construction underground market. Delhi at first time a junction point named Palika Bazaar broaden up to the external circle, it also came with a contacting underground parking. The skyline a major alteration was the addition of red sandstone which has been inspired by the historic Red Fort. The architect Charles correa designed the Jeevan Bharati Building in the year 1986. It towered over the low lying and preponderantly white Connaught place and was noticed for being too futurist.

This place was affected by bomb blasts in the year 13 September 2008. Ten people were injured in the blasts, witnesses and police said that bombs were set up in the dustbin in and around Connaught place. The central park near Connaught place is also affected by bomb blasts. 2 undetonated bombs are recovered by authorities and all dustbins near the area have been removed for security reasons. The tourists and visitors can visit this place by road and railways and airport so this place is attracted by the people, knowing as the best shopping and attractive place in the Delhi.

Refurbished Connaught Place

The Connaught place Delhi