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The sixth floor museum

The sixth floor museum

Description :

The sixth floor museum is located at Dealey plaza, Dallas, US. And it is situated on the 6th floor of the Dallas County Administration Building. This museum is designed to investigate the life, death, times and legacy of former president John F Kennedy and the museum is located where the john f Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The museumís displays the photographs, artifacts and historic films to document the events of the assassination. The killing of John F Kennedy is the historical legacy of the national tragedy. On February 20, 1989 the museum has opened its doors on presidentís day.

The visitors of this museum can view the collections which are in the display and object based programs and documentary regarding the John F Kennedy. Audio and videos are also displayed in this museum. Nearly four thousand books are placed inside the museum, news papers and magazines are also displayed which covers the topics about John F Kennedy life.

The museum was designed in the memorial of John F Kennedy who was the president of USA in 1960s and the museum main principle is to tell that what has happened to John F Kennedy and about the death when he was traveling around the Dealey Plaza. The visitors come from various places in USA to remember the memory of John F Kennedy. The museum is visited by more then 6 million visitors around the world since it was established.