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Age of steam railroad museum

Age of steam railroad museum

Description :

Age of steam railroad museum is located in Dallas and was constructed in 1873 which spreads 1.8 acre of land and the museum is opened for visitors and to display original collections in the museum was started from 1963. The museum had become the popular with four professional people as staff. In the year 2004 the museum administration has adopted a new committee to improve more response and to approach the needs of audience.

The programs have expanded more and events are conducted regularly. The museum has great strength in its collection and weakness was location of the fair park site. The new plan have introduced to extend the land of the museum around 9 – 12 acres. The new ideas implemented to improve facilities and appointing sufficient staff to develop the museum economy.

In 1902 in the Frisco city to develop a permanent attraction that celebrated its railroad heritage. The city officials and museum have decided to an agreement that to relocate the collections and programs to be in 12.5 acre just south of Frisco heritage center. The various permanent buildings have accommodated the museum collections.

The agreement made between the museum and city officials were unanimously approved by the Frisco’s city council. This museum was founded for research, historic preservation and educational programming. This museum provides entertainment and educational to over 3 million visitors around the world. The local schools are available for educational programs and university scholars for research and study trips at the museum.