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Venkateswara swamy temple

Address : 1145 W.Sullivan Rd Aurora, IL – 60506



Description :

Sri Venkateswara swamy temple is located in Chicago. The travel to this temple is difficult but the tight effort put by the devotees to visit this temple for the darshan of lord venkateswara swamy and gets his blessings as their hearts desired. The devotees believe that the spiritual lives and their discontent were wide spread. The devotees of nine families have donated the 20 acres of land with a farm house as the site proposed for balaji temple. The venkateswara lord is also known as balaji. The affairs continued until 1985.

The temple administration has served the many generations to come. The designing of the temple had begun and its designs also meet with the local building codes and structural safety standards. Padmasri M.Muthaih sthapathy is a noted temple expert in India and the sri subhash Nadkarni is the temple architect of Chicago were both collaborated together to design the temple. The architects and designer have taken several steps to design the temple such as ancient shilpa and modern architectural technology. The major region in this temple is the pradakshina inside the temple around the presiding deity. The temple architect and design served the other temple built after this temple in the US. The main vision of Venkateswara swamy temple is to tech the Hindu culture and Indian tradition of people who live in us especially Indian children who born were in US. The devotees visit this temple to get the blessings of lord Venkateswara swamy.

Presently the devotee’s community is strongly impetus to construct the permanent structure for the temple. The temple administration and volunteers have gained the rapid progress on the balaji temple construction plans. The devotes and other Hindu temple communities in North America and India have shared their experiences on various temple construction aspects. The guidance of this temple community and the administration their precious guide over other temples in US. The fundraising schemes are done in the temple by Hindu community for organizing welfare programs and cultural activities.

devotees at chicago balaji temple