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Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

Description :

The Alder Planetarium and Astronomy Museum located in Chicago. And it was the first planetarium constructed in Illinois and it is oldest even today, it is situated on northerly land. The first director of this planetarium was Philip Fox and it was founded and constructed in the year 1930 by the philanthropist max alder. And it is also a part of shedd aquarium and the field museum of natural history along with Chicago’s museum campus. The design of planetarium was awarded the gold medal for the architect Ernest A Grunsfeld, Jr as Chicago chapter of the American institute of architects in the year 1931. And it is dedicated as the National Historic Landmark in the year 1987.

The museum was opened in 1930 and has three full size theaters. In the historic sky theater planetarium the visitors can view representations of the night sky. The project in the museum can accurately produce the every aspect of the night sky. The museum space was extended to include Definiti space theater which is completely full dome video environment powered by digital sky2 software. The eye-popping 3-D graphics are major attractions in the star Rider Theater. The major attraction on lunar eclipse day an interactive exhibit on lunar exploration. One can really feel like they are floating in the space.

There are several sculptures outside the Alder Planetarium and Astronomy Museum the sculpture of Man enters the cosmos and another famous sculpture is astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. And also one can view the green plants and greenery grass in the planetarium and at museum surroundings. The presently projector of this museum is 40 years old and this projector is named as Zeiss Mark VI projector. The alder has asked the Illinois senators and us representatives for finding on various projects. The tourists and visitors come to this place to view the planetarium and museum and enjoy the wide range of collections.