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  What is the essence of Gita ?
Lord Krishna, advices us all thro preaching Arjuna how to discharge our duty with total devotion and...

geetha |2011-08-24
  Users complain about Google+ account deletions
Google+ members started complaining about this situation about a week after Google launched the soci...

spurs |2011-07-25
-Dr. Chintapalli Vidya Sagar He is Native of Mudinepalli Village, Krishna Dist. Vidya Sagar did...

spurs |2011-07-25
Venu Myneni CEO, Radiant Systems New Jersey. The combination of two master brains wills innov...

spurs |2011-07-23
  Chennai maps
Chennai map is a visual personification of Chennai-a characteristic outline of map highlighting rela...

spurs |2011-07-22
Dr. Venkat Rao Emandi, Tampa, Florida Florida Cancer care centres Emandi's Cancer Care Centre ...

spurs |2011-07-22
  What actually Bhagavad - Gita is ?
1. What actually Bhagavad - Gita is ? Ans. The Bhagavad - Gita, infact, is the essence of Vedic k...

geetha |2011-06-29
  Microsoft consent to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion
Microsoft consent to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion. The boards of both companies have agreed to ...

spurs |2011-05-10
  India is not Japan.
India is not Japan. That's the argument being put out by both sides of the nuclear debate in India i...

spurs |2011-03-20
  Lifestyle of Indians in Australia
To have better and higher studies major number of Indian students choosing Australia these days. Red...

spurs |2011-03-02
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