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Nandi Temple Bangalore

Address : Nandi Temple, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Description :

Nandi Temple which is also popularly known as Basavanagudi Nandi Temple is situated in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, India. This temple was built in 16th century; The Nandi temple is dedicated for the worship of the religious bull in Hinduism, popularly known as Nandi in Hinduism, which is believed to be Lord Shiva's vahana. The Sanskrit word "Nandi" means “joyful".

Nandi Temple of Bangalore is also known as Bull Temple of Bangalore, which was carved out of a single piece of granite. The entire carved piece of structure is 15 feet high and 20 feet in length which faces north direction of the Bangalore city. Kempe Gowda who was the founder of Bangalore city has built the Nandi temple in the year 1537 under the Vijayanagara Authority in the Vijayanagara architectural style. The Nandi temple is named after the large granite Nandi monument placed on a hill in the Nandi temple, which is also known as nandi hill, considered that has turned into black because of being rubbed from many years with oil and charcoal. The Nandi or bull is the sacred bull.

It is said to house one of the largest Nandi Statue in the world. The height of the Statue is about 4.6 m and approximately 6.1 m long. Thousands of tourists visit the temple every year.

Transportation to Nandi or Bull Temple:
Buses are operated from all over Bangalore City by KSRTC, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.

Timings of the Temple: 8 AM to 8 PM.

Bull Temple, Bangalore

Nandi Temple Bangalore

Inside View of Bull Temple

Entry to the Bull Temple, Bangalore, India