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Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Address : Hindu Temple Atlanta 5851 GA Hwy 85, Riverdale, GA 30274

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(770) 907 7102


Hindu Temple Atlanta

Description :

Hindu Temple of Atlanta was built in 1990, which is located in the city of Riverdale near Atlanta, Georgia. The Hindu Temple has two complexes on one with Lord Venkateswara and other with Lord Shiva as the presiding diety.

A small group of people were thinking to have a temple in Atlanta, for this reason Drs.S.P. Reddy, B.K. Mohan, Shailendra and Hari Upadhyaya had few meetings on some occasions and decided to build a Hindu Temple in Atlanta. For which along with others contributed $10,000 each to accomplish the goal.

After visiting few places they had bought a property which belongs to Mrs Jewel P. Quinn, in which the Hindu Temple of Atlanta was built.

Founding Trustees of Hindu Temple of Atlanta:

Dr. Sarveswar I. Naidu
Mr. Hari S. Upadhyaya
Mr. Shailendra
Dr. Subramanyam K. Naidu
Dr. B. K. Mohan
Dr. Bekki N. Kuppuswamy
Dr. Murugiah Mani
Dr. Palghat V. Mohan
Dr. R. V. Dronavalli
Dr. Raju M. Vanapalli
Dr. Kancherla Aruna Prasad
Dr. I. J. Reddy
Dr. Vasudev Venkatesh Kulkarni
Dr. Subramanyam P. Reddy

Land donors for Hindu Temple of Atlanta: Donors have donated 5.3 acres of land was donated in October 1986.
Sri & Smt Sarveswar I. Naidu
Sri & Smt Hari S. Upadhyaya
Sri & Smt Mr. Shailendra
Sri & Smt Subramanyam K. Naidu
Sri & Smt B. K. Mohan
Sri & Smt Bekki N. Kuppuswamy
Sri & Smt Murugiah Mani
Sri & Smt Palghat V. Mohan
Sri & Smt R. V. Dronavalli
Sri & Smt Raju M. Vanapalli
Sri & Smt Kancherla Aruna Prasad
Sri & Smt I. J. Reddy
Sri & Smt Vasudev Venkatesh Kulkarni
Sri & Smt Subramanyam P. Reddy
Sri & Smt Raghava Reddy

Hindu Temple of Atlanta has two complexes:
Balaji Temple
Shiva Temple

Deities in Balaji Temple:
Sri Venkateswara
Sri Padmavathi
Sri Andal
Sri Hanuman
Sri Durga
Sri Ganesha
Sri Navagraha
Sri Garuda

Deities in Shiva Temple:
Sri Ramalingeswara
Sri Parvathavardhini
Sri Ganesha
Sri Subramanya, Valli and Devasena
Sri Kanyaka Parmeswari
Sri Nagendra
Sri Kala Bhairava

Priests at Hindu Temple of Atlanta:
Ravishankar Boggaram: He joined the temple on November 2010, studied 8 years at Trirupati Veda Patashala and completed his Pancharatra Agama, Krishna Yajurvedam and Purohitam.
Gopal Bhattar: He was born in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 1967. He is the senior priest at Hindu Temple of Atlanta. Gopal Bhattar can speak Telugu, Kannada and Tamil Languages.
Kesava Murthy: He was born in Mosale Village in the state of Karnataka, India, in the year 1969. He has worked as a chief priest at Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple which is located in Ulsoor, Bangalore. Kesava Murthy can speak Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and English.
Rangachari Velaturi: He was born in Mahabubnagar district, A.P, India in the year 1960. He has worked in Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple for 18 years located in Srnagar Colony, Hyderabad. Rangachari Velaturi can speak Telugu, Hindi and has some knowledge of Tamil and English.
Srinivasa Sharma: He was born in Medak district, Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 1973. He has studied Krishna Yajurvedam and Apastambiya Smartha Prayogam. Srinivasa Sharma was awarded Veda Pundit Certificate while he was doing the course. He has worked at Kanchi Kamakoti Seetharamanjaneya Swami Temple located in Hyderabad as Veda Pundit. He can speak Telugu, Hindi Tamil and English.
Pavan Kumar: He was born in Proddatur, Cuddapa district in Andhra Pradesh in the year 1983. He has studied Krishna Yajurveda Apasthambhiya Shodasa Karmantam and Sivagama Poorva Bagham from Veda Vignana Peetham, Vedagiri, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. He has worked for T.T.D. from 2004 2006 as teaching apperentice in Veda Vignana Peetham. Pavan Kumar can speak Telugu, Sanskrit, Tamil and English.
Narsihma M Challa: He is from Andhra Pradesh and Graduated in Krishna Yajurvedam from Kanchi Kama Koti Shankar Matam, Bangalore. He has worked in Veda Bhavan, Hyderabad for 18 years and Ganapathi Temple, NY, for 3 years.

Timings of the Temple: 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Address of Hindu Temple of Atlanta:
5851 GA Hwy 85, Riverdale, GA 30274
Phone: (770) 907 7102

Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Lord venkateswara at Hindu Temple Atlanta

Shiva Ratri at the Temple

Vaikuntha Ekadasi of the Hindu Temple