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Name : RAKESH Start : 2013/11/20 Reply : 2013/11/20 Views : 239
Registerd Tax Return Preparer
Our Income Tax Return Preparation Services (for individuals and small businesses) We have solutions to suit all your income tax return preparation needs. Our enthusiasm and commitment to our clients are all reasons you should have your taxes prepared by us. We offer: • 1) Satisfaction Guarantee – We guarantee service 100%. • • 2) Accuracy Guarantee – Our offices will give you the most accurate return and the largest possible refund. • • 3) Free Consultation – Consultations are always free at South Jersey Tax Services. • • 4) Correspondence Assistance – We will help you handle all IRS and state tax return correspondence that you get, including audits, letters and inquiries about your tax return. • • 5) NO HIDDEN FEES! It’s that time of the year again. Our mission is to provide the best Tax Preparation Service to the taxpayers. Our Tax Services is compliant with all tax preparation services required by the IRS. our goal is your ultimate satisfaction. If your experience with us meets your expectations, tell your friends. If not, tell us! Rakesh Gami also NJ Licensed Real Estate Agent in New Jersey and Notary Public CALL Rakesh Gami at (201) 315-6671 or RAKESHGAMI@GMAIL.COM to get started.
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