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Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary

Wild Life
Jaldapara wildlife sanctuaryLying on the banks of River Torsa, Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary is spread across the foothills of eastern Himalayas of Jalpaiguri Dist in West Bengal. It covers over an area of 141 sq. Km comprising vast grassland with patches of riverine forests and is home for very rare Indian one horned rhino and spotted deers. And also it occupies second place next to Kaziranga national park of Assam in rhino population.

Jaldapara got the status as sanctuary in the year of1941as it boasts great variety of flora and fauna and was declared a national park in May 2012. In and around 1800, people belonging to Toto tribe is used to stay in this area, so it is also refereed as “Totapara”. Elephant safari at Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary attracts tourists in large numbers, as it is the best possible way to have a close and clear look at the wildlife. The experience will be beyond words. The jeep safari is another main attraction here. It is available in morning and in afternoon.

Wildlife at Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary:

There are numerous species of Fauna found at Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary and it includes elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, deers, spotted deer, wild pigs, sambhar, hog deer and bisons and many more. The park is also home for rich variety of avi fauna which comprises of shikra, fishing eagle, crested eagle, pied hornbill, Bengal Florican and jungle owl etc. The best time to explore the wildlife of Jaldapara Park is from October to May, except mid June-mid September, when it remains closed.

Travel to Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary:

Located at distance of 124 Km, Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Jaldapara Park and it is well connected to all the major cities of India. State transport buses and private coaches are also available. The nearest city is Siliguri, from one can hire a taxi to reach the sanctuary.