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Bandhavgarh National Park

Wild Life
Bandhavgarh National Park The Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the popular parks in India is located in Sahdol district, Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh National Park is situated among the Vindhya hills. Bandhavgarh was declared a national park in 1968. It was declared as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger in 1993.This national park of Madhya Pradesh covers up to an area of about 448 sq kms. The peripheral of Bandhavgarh comprises of Steep Hills, Thick forest, Marshy grassland, water bodies and Rolling Meadows. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Ecological System in the Bandhavgarh National Park is dotted with variety of flora and fauna.

Bandhavgarh has an excellent tree and foliage concentration. The Flora of Bandhavgarh National Park is a large variety of Sal, sali, saj, saja, dhobin, Stretches of bamboo and grasslands. The main wildlife viewing is still done in the core of the park with its 32 picturesque, wooded hills. The Fauna in the Bandhavgarh National are mixed variety of Bengal tigers, leopards, black faced languor, gaur, chital (spotted deer), Sambar deer, Dholes, nilgai, wild boars, chinkaras, Indian wolf, sloth bears, rhesus macaques, chital, black faced languor, jungle cats, hyenas, porcupines, jackals, foxes and wild dogs etc.

The Bandhavgarh National Park houses a variety of birds like White browed fantails, woodpecker, steppe eagles, green pigeons, grey Malabar hornbills, black and white Malabar hornbills, blossom headed parakeets, Rock Pigeon, Red-necked Vulture, House Sparrow, owls, minuets, wood shrikes and White-necked Stork. The ideal time to visit the Bandhavgarh Park is between the months of November to June. The park remains closed during the monsoon months from July to September. The Nearest Attractions to Bandhavgarh Park are Kalchuri Archeological museum and Bandhavgarh Fort.

Khajuraho (230 km) is the nearest airport connected to the Bandhavgarh National Park. Flight services from Agra, Delhi and Varanasi are existed. The nearest railheads to Bandhavgarh Park are Umaria (30 km) and Satna (117 km. Buses ply regularly from Rewa, Satna, Katni and Umaria to Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh.