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Heritage Tourism
Medak, Andhra Pradesh, India
MedakFor those out to see places of worship, Medak is a necessity in the itinerary. Medak district is in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. An awe-inspiring the Church that can accommodate about 5,000 people and considered among the best in the world. Just about 100 km from Hyderabad is the famous shrine with stained glass windows, that have won acclaim the world over.

The story behind the massive white granite structure is that a great famine overtook the region during the World War 1. Charles Walker posnett, a British missionary, was the reverend of Medak. Hundreds of families approached him for food and blessings, which he readily gave. To thank the Lord who guided him through the trying times, he proposed to build a Church which took years to complete. So imposing is the structure that the belfry stands 175 feet high. The stained glass windows are depicting scenes from the Bible. British artist O. Salisbury took 40 years to complete this work of art in his London Studio.

Medak was built during the period of Kakatiya emperor Pratapa Rudra. It is built on a hillock and is called as Methukudurgam and Methukuseema from the Telugu word Methuku (cooked rice grain). The main entrance of Medak is proudly displayed with the double headed bird called ‘Gandabherundam’ of the Kakatiyas.

The Medak fort has a typically designed architectural structure of excellence of the Kakatiya dynasty. The fort has three main entrances the “Prathama Dwaram”, the “Simha Dwaram” which is also known as Lions Entrance which has two Lions on the top of the entrance and the “Gaja Dwaram” which is also known as Elephant’s entrance, this entrance has the sculpture of two elephants on both the sides

Tourist Spots in Medak:
• Sai Baba Temple- Karnal Pally, Chegunta mandal
• Medak Cathedral - World’s Second Largest Diocese Church
• GottamGota also known as Gottam Gutta
• Pocharam Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary
• Singur Dam
• Medak Fort
• Nizam Sagar
• Manjira wildlife & bird sanctuary
• Sri Saraswathi Kshetramu which is in Anantha Sagar division of Siddipet
• Shri Saraswathi Skshtramu
• Velupugonda sri tumburunatha devalayam
• Edupayala Durga Bhavani gudi

Educational institutions in Medak:
• MNR Medical college
• Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad located in Kandi, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh.
• IIT Hyderabad
• GITAM University Hyderabad Campus

History of Medak:
Medak is a historic town which was originally called Siddapuram earlier and later it was also known as Gulshanabad.

How to reach Medak:
Medak is about 100 km from Hyderabad and being the second biggest town of the district has a number of buses plying between Hyderabad and the town.

Where to Stay at Medak:
While private accommodations are available in the town, most of the visitors make a trip from Hyderabad.

The Anglican Medak Cathedral

medak fort


Incredible Medak Church.