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Thar Desert - Rajasthan

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Thar Desert Rajasthan
Thar Desert - RajasthanThe Thar Desert is the biggest deserts of rajasthan state, india. Rajasthan’s 70% of land mass is occupied by Thar Desert. The Thar Desert of Rajasthan is bounded by the Sutlej River in the northwest, the Aravali mountains in the east, Indus River in the west and the salty land Rann of Kutch in the south. Rajasthan Desert comprises the three cities – Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur which is commonly known as the desert triangle.

The huge Thar Desert covers approximately a total area of 446000 sq kms and in India it is 208110 sq kms. It is occupied with salty marsh lands, gravel, hillocks, and sand dunes. In Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the rare oasis, tree species, herbs, grasses and scrub vegetation like thorny bushes and cactus plants are found. Luni is the only river that touches the desert. Fossils of animals mainly dinosaurs’ and plants of million years have been excavated in Thar Desert, rajasthan.

Thar Desert experiences high temperatures; it gets very dry during summer and crosses about 49 degrees. In night times, Thar Desert is very cool with temperatures falling below 20 degrees and the winter months of dec and jan are sometimes very ridiculous at freezing point of temperature i.e 0 deg. The average rainfall is less than 25 cm in Thar Desert.

Thar Desert desert is home to many types of wildlife, whcich survive in extreme temperatures and water shortage conditions. The camel is seen here in bulk, which is called as ‘The ship of the Desert’. Camel’s safari is very interesting and famous in Thar. The endangered Great Indian Bustard, Indian Wild Ass, the Blackbuck, and the Indian Gazelle are found in Thar Desert. There are about 11 national parks in Thar, in that nara wildlife sanctuary is biggest one. These parks include variety of animals like wolf, Desert cat, Bengal fox, chinkara, foxes, the black buck and some migratory birds.