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Elephant Safari in India

Adventure Tourism
 Elephant Safari in IndiaWildlife Tours in India includes a wide array of selections. The Elephant Safari India for example allows tourists to observe tigers in their natural habitat and let them stay in British Raj-built bungalows.

Comfortable amenities as well as attendants provide the guests’ other basic needs. Wildlife Safaris Tour India also boasts of an elephant ride to areas inaccessible to vehicles.

This allows tourists to pass through traditional briddle paths and view elephant game trails and migration routes. Indian Wildlife Tour commences with a half-hour drive to Durga Dervi.

A whole day Safari entails 15 kilometers of jeep and elephant rides for two days.

Guests are usually provided with packed lunch enroute to the areas and are served with a hot dinner upon arrival at the place where they are billeted.

Believing in the preservation of the purity and beauty of the wilderness, India Wildlife Tours awe foreigners with a magnificent view of virgin forests housing birds in their natural habitat.

Elephant Safari Regions in India
Elephant Safari in Himalayan Regions
Elephant SafariThe Elephant Safari is the best option to explore the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in north and north east Himalayan regions. The Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal and the Kaziranga in Assam are the most famous wildlife parks in India. The Elephant Safari takes one close to the wildlife of the Corbett National Park, which houses large number of wild boar, hog deer, rhesus, sloth bear, jackals, antelope, crocodiles, cobras, chital and langurs etc. While Kaziranga National park provides shelter to prehistoric Rhino, which can be best seen by Elephant Safaris.

Best Time for Elephant Safari
The wildlife parks in India can be visited throughout the year. But the ideal time to explore the wildlife in India is winter season, when the forest areas remain in full bloom and very beautiful.Some place where Elephant Safaris are common are the forest areas of Uttar Pradesh and Kerala. Elephant Safari is also popular in the jungles of Assam in the northeast India.
The elephant ride is best enjoyed in the early hours of dawn. Here you get an opportunity to see herds of Indian Elephants, One-horned Rhinoceros and many other wild animals from a very close distance. Such a close encounter with the animals in Kaziranga National Park makes your trip quite memorable.