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CN Tower

CN Tower

Description :

The CN tower is a situated in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The construction of this CN tower was started in 1972 and completed in 1976. This tower is one of the world’s 5th tallest free-standing structures in the world. The tower is of 553.33 meters it has record of world tallest tower until the burj khalifa and canton tower was finished their construction. It is the tallest free standing structure in western hemisphere. Every year the tower is visited over 2 million visitors from all over the world.

The full form of CN tower is “Canadian National Tower” The tower was constructed by Railway Company. The tower was constructed due to the development of company and it transferred the tower to the federal crown corporation a Canada lands company responsible for real estate development. In 1995 the American Society of Civil Engineers had declared one of the latest Seven Wonders of the World. The tower also holds the second place in the world federation of great towers.

In the year 1968 the idea of CN tower is to construct a large radio and TV communication platform to serve the people of Toronto area. And to develop the economy of Canadian industry. This tower not only for TV and radio communication but also for railway development. The major team members of this tower are structural engineer as john Andrews and architects Webb, menkes, zerafa, housden. The real plan for this tower was consisting of three independent cylindrical “pillars” connected at different heights by structural bridges.

The CN tower is officially opened to the visitors on June 26th 1976 but the official opening date was October 1st 1976. The Canadian national railway was involved in private business in 1995. The cost of this CN tower is $243 million in 2012 dollars. The tower has all safety measures since it was accident occurred when it was opened in 1976. The extraordinary lightings are arranged to the CN tower. The LED lights are attached to the top of the tower which provides more attractive features in the night.

In the CN tower there is also a restaurant which provides healthy food like vegetarian and sea food, which are cooked deliciously by famous chef’s and the wine is also served in the restaurant. The CN tower is 5th tallest tower in the world and the most visited place in Canada.

For thrill seekers CN Tower has opened EdgeWalk where people can walk on around the main pod on the top of the tower. It has the world’s longest metal staircase with 2,579 steps and also world’s highest glass floor i.e. 342 meters.

CN Tower Glass Floor

CN Tower Height 553.33 M

CN Tower Restaurant

Main Pod of the Tower