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World's Largest Light Bulb

World's Largest Light Bulb

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The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, also known as the Menlo Park Museum / Edison Memorial Tower, is a memorial to inventor and businessman Thomas Alva Edison. located in the Menlo Park area of Edison, New Jersey.
The Thomas Edison Memorial Tower and Menlo Park Museum was built in 1937 to mark the "Birthplace of Recorded Sound" in the Menlo Park section of what is now the town of Edison. The World's Largest Light Bulb is thirteen feet tall, weighs eight tons, and is illuminated at night. The tower marks the spot where Edison invented the light bulb (Henry Ford stole the actual workshop and bottled Edison's Last Breath).
Inside the tower's base is a "highly exhausted" light bulb that's been burning since 1929, when the tower was built.
The restoration effort received a large boost when the state recently appropriated $6.9 million to the project.