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Mumba Devi Temple

Address : Mumbai, city,Maharashtra, India


Description :

Mumba Devi Temple is one of the ancient temples in the Mumbai city of Maharashtra, India; it was constructed in 1675 by the Hindu women Named as Mumba, but the original temple was built in 1737. The word Mumba is derived from the Sanskrit Word ‘Maha Amba’ which is commonly known as ‘Great Mother’.

In between of 1739 and 1770 the temple was collapsed, after destruction of temple a new temple was constructed at its current place of Zaveri Bazaar. The Goddess has wonderful image, Mumba Devi dressed in full garments with a Silver crown, a nose stud and golden necklace. The name of the city was established from the Goddess Mumba Devi, it is an important Landmark. The name of Mumbai gets from the Maa Mumba Devi.

The Lord Mumba Devi is pictured Black stone sculpture in the temple. It is a pilgrimage place to worship for Hindus and tourists were hundreds of people visit this temple daily as it is in the middle of steel and clothing markets and it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Mumbai city. Here the rotis and chapattis are most famous in the temple premises, they serve food to the devotees, pujaris etc.

In the premises of temple contains small temples, Kamnath Mahadev temple is one of them. Near this temple we can see shops which sell sweets, flowers, pictures of Gods, and all the items that required for worshipping god. The temple is closed on Monday’s.

Here good facilities are provided for tourist who visit Mumba Devi temple, one can stay in the nearest Hotels. Few of them are:
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Carvings of the temple

Mumba Devi Temple