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Mahalaxmi Temple

Address : Bhulabhai Desi road, Mumbai, India


Description :

Constructed in 1831 by one of the Hindu merchant called Dhakji Dadaji, the ancient of all temples of the city, Mahalaxmi temple is located in Bhulabhai Desi road, Mumbai, India. The holy shrine that is spiritual seat of three goddesses Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, Mahasaraswati is situated on the backs of the Arabian Sea.

All the idols of Goddesses are covered with gold ornaments like nose rings, bangles, and necklace. Here, people celebrate Navaratri as the major festival, during this occasion the devotees from all parts of the sate will visit this temple in large numbers and they will offer coconuts, sweets and flowers to the goddess. Besides the temple, stalls of flower garlands are found. Nearby about 5 mins from Mahalaxmi temple there is Heera Panna Shopping mall, and Haji Ali darga.

One can reach this temple by nearest railway station, western line, taxies and ample number of buses is available from this place. One can have comfort accommodation in hotels with all luxurious facilities nearby the temple, Hotel Kemps corner, The Shalimar Hotel, Hotel Royal Castle and Four season Mumbai etc are some of the hotels near Mahalasksmi temple that provides excellent accommodation.