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Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

Description :

The palm Jumeirah is the three islands called palm islands is an artificial archipelago made using the land reclamation. These islands were constructed by Nakheel a company situated in United Arab Emirates and is owned by the government of Dubai. These Palm islands are self declared as ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. The length of Island space is doubled the Dubai coastline. The world’s premier resorts are located in this palm islands. Three types of villas are located in these palm islands Garden Homes, signature Villas and canal cove Town Homes. And also contains beaches, marinas, variety of retail outlets and apartment buildings.

The construction of this island was started in June 2001. These islands are in palm tree shape and the developers declared to complete the first residential units in 2006. Three meters of reclamation were achieved by dredging known as “rain bowing”. And it was created by pouring sand into the 10.5 metre seabed using dredgers. The island also includes natural rock above the sea level. In October 2007 the island has become the world’s largest artificial island. Above 500 families are residing in this palm island.

This island has got controversy because the construction time has extended to 2 years. The Nakheel has increased the construction actual cost and raising the additional cost to this island construction and it also miscalculated the island construction cost. In the year 2009 some speculated news on the palm island article spread that Dubai economy is collapsed and also the New York Times reported on this island that it was sinking and also the geological survey have confirmed and this news is spread by New York Times.

Palm Jumeirah has wonderful place in the world where you can enjoy the place in holiday break. This island is a place of luxury fashions and popular hotels, restaurants and extraordinary tourist’s attractions and various shopping malls are located in this island. The entertainment provided in this island is for relax and immerse of exciting world of entertainment. The water sports, plenty of aquariums, bars, clubs, amusements and fun are provided for tourists in this island. Palm Jumeirah is proposed to develop and promote the tourism of Dubai and also to development of the Dubai’s Economy.

Central business district view of the Palm Jumeriah

Jumeriah Beach Hotel

Palm Jumeirah island