Address : 5430 Gurley Ave Dallas, Texas 75223

Contact :

(214) 827 6333



Description :

In 1970 the group of devotees came to Dallas in search of a property for constructing Hare Krishna temple. At last in 1971 the devotees found the property near the graham street in a residential section of East Dallas. The purpose of this property is to construct the gurukula with the approval of Srila Prabhupada and the ISKCON governing body commission.

In this property later in 1972 the Deities of Sri Radha-Kalachandji were officially placed. The deity placed in the temple is oldest deity who was found outside of India around 500 years old and after the two weeks later before the actual deities’ installation Srila Prabhupada came to the temple and showed devotees how every work and pujas here should be done.

In the year 1979 the temple renovation was started and was finished in 1981. The restaurants were constructed near the temple to provide healthy food to the devotees and tourists who visit this temple. Presently more than 15 thousand followers live in Dallas location. And the devotees in this place become the members and immediately they joined the temple committee.

The temple gurukula had continued the education facility from elementary through junior high levels and the devotees of Hare Krishna temple of Dallas has maintained the standards of worship in the temple like bhajans and pujas which were performed. In the festival days the temple is beautifully decorated with flowers. Devotees not only from Dallas but also from various places in US visit this temple.

Daily Schedule at the temple:
• 4:30 AM Mangala Arati
• 7:00 AM Deity Greeting
• 8:00 AM Dhupa Arati
• 12 Noon Raj-Bhoga Arati
• 4:00 PM Vaikalika Arati
• 6:30 PM Sandhya Arati
• 8:00 PM Shayana Arati