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White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake

Description :

White Rock Lake is located in east Dallas. This spreads over 1,254 acres in the east Dallas. The lake was formed by damming White Rock Creek. The Daniel and Cox families owned the collection of farms which are located near the lake. The first farm near this lake was done by Thomas walker Daniel. During 1830s and early 1840s the Thomas walker and his wife decided to move to the white rock area.

During that time the war known as civil war was crucially running at that time the Daniel son had a good friend named Cox. When the war is stopped the Cox family decided to move to the white rock lake area adjacent to the Daniel family. They had lived in a joint family and these joint families called Daniel-Cox cemetery. Later the other families have moved to this place named as Humbards, The lavenders, and Donagheya have jointly maintained the cemetery.

From white rock lake many persons used to take the fishes from the lake and sailing is also permitted in this lake and also running bicycling and jogging was also permitted. In 1939 the Corinthian sailing club was established. The clubs main mission is to promote the sailboat racing. The club focuses on racings which are highly performed on Saturday and Sunday and these races are done in the afternoon. The club is popular for fine race and excellent sailors. On September 1952 the swimming was banned due to unfortunate conditions.

Near this lake many events are performed especially white rock marathon is performed while the marathon is performed as a part it many participants run around the lake. This marathon is placed in the top 10 marathon in the US. The White Rock Lake is famous picnic spot in Dallas and the tourists from various places around the US and different countries are excited to see this place.