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The real meaning of love, unconditional love

The real meaning of love, unconditional love
Posted by spurs

This was the day we were waiting since years; I said to my wife “He, who has taken care of you and me, will always take care for the rest of our lives” Oh Jesus bless us with a child. A week after our daughter Julian was born, my wife Ana and I were completely exhausted. Each night Julian kept waking us. Ana had been torn in the delivery and was taking painkillers everyday. She could barely walk. After five days of staying home helping her, I went back to work as I had to finish my pending works. She seemed to be getting better. While I was at my office she ran out of painkillers. Instead of calling me at the office, she asked one of my brothers, who were visiting my house, to purchase those pills which were in the prescription. My brother, however, did not return with the pills. Consequently, she spent the whole day in pain, taking care of Julian (New Born Baby). I had no idea that her day had been so terrible with out me. When I returned home she was very upset. I misunderstood the cause of her distress and thought she was blaming me. She said, "I've been in pain all day.... I ran out of pills. I've been stranded in bed and nobody cares!" I said defensively, "Why didn't you call me?" She said, "I asked your brother, but he forgot, never returned home! I've' been waiting for him all day. What am I supposed to do? I can barely walk. I feel so deserted!" At this point I exploded. I was angry that she hadn't called me. I was furious that she was blaming me when I didn't know she ran out of pills and was in severe pain. We all most had a fight, after exchanging a few harsh words, I headed towards the door. I was fired, irritable, and had heard enough. We both reached our limits. Then some miracle started to happen that would change my life. Ana said, "Stop, please don't leave. This is when I need you the most, I'm in pain. I haven't slept for days, please listen to me." I stopped for a moment to listen. She said, "Richard, you're a fair-weather friend! As long as I'm sweet, loving Ana you are here for me, but as soon as I'm not, you walk right out that door." Then she paused, and her eyes filled with tears. As her tone dropped she said, "Right now I'm in pain, Richard please do not leave me in pain”, this is when I need you the most. Please, come over here and hold me. You don't have to say anything. I just need to feel your arms around me. Please don't go." I walked over and silently held her. She wept in my arms. After a few minutes, she thanked me for not leaving. She told me that she just needed to feel my love, holding her.
At that moment I started to realize “the real meaning of love, unconditional love”. I had
always thought of myself as a loving person. Praise the Lord.