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  Op Ed: NFL Super Early Playoff Prediction but not written by Miss Cleo for laughs!
NFL is mega popular and has a passionate fan base in the United States. Itís almost a given that maj...

vinay |2012-12-05
  Tracks to Tally!!! Indian Railways to set up IRIFM (Institute for Accounting)
Tracks to Tally!!! Astonished and indeed glad to hear that vinay |2012-12-05
  Chennai, driving forth its cultural rigidity
Fortunate enough to see the best Carnatic Vocal Arangetram not only of the finest tonal attitude of ...

vinay |2012-12-04
  Are the people living near Coast areas, the healthiest?
A pleasant jog along the parapet, a cool stroll through the waves, a stretch through volleyball agai...

vinay |2012-12-03
  What to look in a company while eyeing a job shift
Job market has never been so competitive as it is in the current day scenario. Nearing deadlines, la...

vinay |2012-12-02
  Indian Metros and their Pseudonyms
Ever since we came to know that a person or a thing, and a place or a town, will always be remembere...

vinay |2012-12-02
  Sebastian Vettels Triple F1 Championship drives equals a retiring Schu!
Sebastian Vettel became the youngest three time F1 champion in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was an incredi...

vinay |2012-12-01
  The Brands, Creativity and the Christmas 2012
The Brands have become conscious, attentive and persuasive. Streets are shopper-flooded, households ...

vinay |2012-11-30
  The attacks of 26-11: RGVs lens focussed
Just a week following the lonely survivor of the attacks of 26/11, Kasabís execution - the most viol...

vinay |2012-11-30
  Is India 2020, a visionarys wish, just around the corner?
Ever since India has seen a President like APJ Abdul Kalam Ė who wished to see India as an developed...

vinay |2012-11-29
  The Grass Walk, a sound of silence with a pleasing stroll intended
On a rocky terrain, beneath clear skies, amid not-so thick jungle, enjoying the Peacock scream, agai...

vinay |2012-11-27
  Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) exceptionally overused?
Stereoscopic 3D film or popularly known as S3D in a short form though, once has been a boon for movi...

vinay |2012-11-26
  Recruiting a writer, few things recruiters must know
With mushrooming consulting services all around, the Corporates are taking up a hard path each day -...

vinay |2012-11-26
  Life in a Metro 1- Chennai the way it is
Life in a Metro perhaps seems to be a colourful, larger than life and sometimes more than life for e...

vinay |2012-11-23
  Who Knows, a Space Travel Package in cards!
Sunitha Williams successfully wrapping up her trip to Orbit, returned back on Earth, is what one fin...

vinay |2012-11-22
  Contemporarily Controversial world - The Freedom at stake
Gone were the days, people in India woke up to a news line regarding some political drama at Parliam...

vinay |2012-11-21
  Rest in Peace: The Wrold Ajmal Kasab Hanged to Death
Ajmal Kasab Ė hanged to death. Lets there be Peace upon us. It was around 7.30 am, the Maharashtra H...

vinay |2012-11-20
  Is this the End of Global Prosperity?
The United States economy and world economies are grinding to a halt. Production is falling, unemplo...

vinay |2012-11-20
  Dirty Bird is Still Flying High
Atlanta Falcons are having an amazing year. At (9-1) and holding a three-game lead in the NFC South....

vinay |2012-11-20
  Classifieds - A way for people stay away
Classifieds - Life made simple, is apparently a weekly edition The Hindu, one of the major English d...

vinay |2012-11-19
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