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Address : Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore, California, US


Description :

Shiva Vishnu temple is located in Livermore, Ca. The huge efforts were made by the devotees to build this temple and this temple was idea, operated and great strides in its mission to build this temple by the Hindu Community and Cultural center (HCCC). The construction of the temple in Livermore and on 1986 the kumbhabhishekam was performed and on 12th anniversary in 1998 mahakumbhabhishekam was performed.

The temple is built by the specifications of north and south Indian traditions and is one of the few Hindu temples in northern California that offers services to Hindu deities such as abhishekas and homas. The temple enclosure was completed; the construction of roof and sound system is arranged in 1993. The assembly hall adjoining the main temple was constructed and completed with kitchen and dining facilities in 1997.

The kalyana mantapam was also included in the temple and the architect work was completed in September 1999 and the interior and exterior walls were scrubbed cleaned and painted. The lord Shiva-Vishnu temple has enclosed into a permanent feature of northern California and promoting Hindu culture and religion and providing and serving the devotee needs. The temple has raised the huge number of devotees dramatically nearly 1,000 families a month on some festivals such as Ganesha chathurthi and New Year’s Day more then 10 thousand people visit this temple and worship the lord Shiva and lord Vishnu.

The two parcels of land were acquired in south and east sides of the property during 1998-1999 by HCCC. These acquisitions of land were possible with a combination of significant loans and donations by bay area devotees and HCCC community is proud by encouragement by devotees to build this temple. The devotees come from all around US to visit this temple to worship and get the blessings of lord Shiva and lord Vishnu.