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Description :

Coit Tower is located in the Telegraph hill in the city of San Francisco, California. The tower was built in 1933 for welcoming the visitors and residents. The tower is built by the request of beautify the city of San Francisco who was died in 1929. The tower was designed by the Arthur Brown and The Coit’s beloved volunteer fighters’ monument near by Washington square and funds rose for both monument and tower.

Since 1866 there was no fire department in the city and when fires occur in the city which broke out regularly the wooden buildings and the coit tower has took five years to complete. In 1934 art project includes a group of artists employed by the public works. When the violence break out during 1934 longshoremen’s strike some controversy over the content in some of the panel inside the tower is quite heated some of the controversial elements were painted on the wall of tower so the tower was locked for some months and again the tower is reopened in the year 1934.

The telegraph hill as we know that the coit tower is constructed on top of the hill. The hill is 285 feet. This is located in between the financial district and fisherman’s wharf. Since 1850 the long pole with moving arms of hill was used as a signaling station. It was replaced by electric telegraph station in 1853. In 1876 the pioneer park is brought front to protect hill from development. This idea was bought by some businessman near the tower.

The architecture of this coit tower was simple and it represents the nozzle of a fire hose. One can view the museum by entering into the tower and with beautiful painted murals. So this tower is visited by tourists from various places in US and also from all over the world.